Swords of Blood
3 min readJul 27, 2022

Have you always loved the idea of blockchain gaming and NFT integration, but never found a title that could keep you hooked the way traditional video games did?

Well, you’re in luck!

Swords of Blood, an action, hack-and-slash RPG, is currently in development and promises to actually bring a AAA experience to the blockchain. And just why are we so optimistic about this particular game, you might ask?

That’s a good question, with a great answer.

SoB is the on-chain development of the blockbuster Bladebound, the mobile classic launched in 2018 by Artifex Mundi: the game has been downloaded 1.3 millions of times between Appstore and Google Play, with an average 4.5/5 rating from over 100k reviews.

That’s not too bad to begin with, is it?

And the best has yet to come:

HitBox Games is going to be developing the on-chain iteration of the game, which will of course feature vast improvements on an already classic game.

The 3D isometric graphics will be kept, as will the action, rogue-like elements of the original game, but so much more is going to be implemented.

The first noticeable addition will be that of a plethora of new skins and weapons, but the game changer will be the inclusion of what the devs have termed GUTs, or Game Utility Tokens.

These tokens will take the form of NFTs and will represent unique in-game objects, which will be re-sellable once you have found upgrades for your character.

All you will have to do is head to the GUT marketplace, where you’ll not only be able to buy or sell weapons and armor, but also your leveled-up characters, in exchange for our game token $SWDTKN.

To make sure that the game does not follow the downward path of previous play-to-earn games, the developers have devised a new, more sustainable concept: Play-to-Own (P2O).

Swords of Blood doesn’t only offer loot and in-game currency, but lets the player enhance its character by unlocking special upgrades, allowing gamers to craft their own weapons, for example.

The P2O will allow for more sustainability within the game economy and tokenomics, and will give priority to the fast-paced gameplay, lore and character development, rather than focusing on making money alone.

That’s why the barrier to entry for Swords of Blood has been eliminated completely: remember when you had to spend a small fortune if you wanted to even have a chance at winning in Axie Infinity?

Swords of Blood will be completely free to play, and what your character’s path will be will depend entirely on your choices.

Whether you want to explore the rich world of Ezura, or become a legendary monster hunter, whether you want to pit your elemental skills against the world’s monsters (PvE) or battle it out with fellow gamers (PvP), SoB has all your gaming needs catered to!

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Swords of Blood

Boasting flashy combat, stellar graphics, and a variety of game modes, Swords of Blood is the first AAA-quality RPG in the blockchain, launching in Polygon!