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Swords of Blood
2 min readDec 20, 2022

Name: Legendary (S) Sentinel [FIRE]
Description: Place a powerful charge the explodes and damages enemies for 8800% Magic.

From +10% to +20% Dodge Chance
From +10% to +20% Magic
From +2.5% to +5% Damage from Fire for each Fire item equipment
From +6% to +5% Critical Damage for each Fire item equipment
From +10% to +12% faster Skills Cooldown
From +3.13% to +6.25% Weapon attack speed for each Fire item

❗️Read these instructions fully and carefully

👉 Preamble: The @idexobot will mint/create a unique Soulbound Token NFT (non-transferable) on Polygon that is permanently linked to you. This NFT will recognize your spot as an early supporter/adopter of Swords of Blood and grant you special access through a token gating portal at! Note however, this is not a token airdrop program. You will not be able to sell these NFTs.

‼️ Note 1: Your Telegram account must have an @ username or this will not work. If you do not have one, see this link for instructions (

‼️ Note 2: Make sure you are using a Polygon wallet address that you control the private key for (and not an exchange wallet!)

Open a conversation with @idexobot

👀Use the following command: /mintsob walletAddress

Replace walletAddress with your Polygon-compatible wallet address [No Exchange Addresses!]

!! Note 3: There is NO ADVANTAGE to having more than one NFT. Those who try to game the system by creating multiple Telegram accounts and wallets risk having all their privileges revoked.

1️⃣ Be sure you are in this Telegram group (@SwordsOfBlood_game).

2️⃣ Follow SwordsOfBlood on Twitter:

3️⃣ Open a direct message with @idexobot

4️⃣ Type /mintsob[wallet address] (replace [wallet address] with your Polygon wallet address without square brackets). DO NOT USE AN EXCHANGE WALLET.

Thank you for being a part of our early adopters and supporters!! We hope you’ll stick around and follow us on our journey, and we’re excited to see you all in the game! Feel free to forward this post to others who you think might be interested in being part of the community :)



Swords of Blood

Boasting flashy combat, stellar graphics, and a variety of game modes, Swords of Blood is the first AAA-quality RPG in the blockchain, launching in Polygon!