SWDTKN Presale 3 Extended + more news!

Swords of Blood
4 min readMay 18, 2023


We are overwhelmed by everyone’s excitement and support for Swords of Blood! We are delighted that you are all part of our awesome community!

There are a few news we would like to announce:

Exchanges in the Top 10 require further community growth in our numbers and activities. That being said, we are extending Presale 3 till 9th June to ensure listing as we build the community bigger and better. We would like to get listed on 2 or 3 Top Exchanges and although we have received listing invitations from some of them, we still want more options. Listing on much bigger exchanges ensures that: 1) the project gets more exposure to more users through user marketing, and 2) there is the likelihood of listing in more, smaller exchanges (often for free!), therefore also growing the number of token holders.

IDO round with launchpads will begin on 12th June — marketing to begin next week.

Based on popular demand, we are bringing back the Loot Box Sale on 20th June!

We are working on getting onboarded with one of the top market-making companies! Some of the currencies in their portfolio are XRP, Ethereum, Polkadot, Limewire, and Vega. More news on this soon.

As requested and advised by the Exchanges and MM team, we have adjusted the Tokenomics to significantly improve token allocation/distribution, initial market cap, and valuation. Please find the new table here: https://swordsofblood.com/allocation/

In relation to the above, the Seed, Presale, IDO, and Launch token prices were also adjusted. We did our best to stay as close as possible to the old Tokenomics model, specifically to the pricing schedule. Improving this part of the project opens a lot of opportunities for much bigger partnerships and listings for the token, therefore better exposure to more communities.

Seed: $0.0075
Presale 1: $0.0095
Presale 2: $0.011
Presale 3: $0.012
IDO: $0.013
Launch/TGE: $0.015

However, as we are not able to change the presale contract anymore, you will encounter some discrepancy in the presale price VS the number of tokens you will get. Rest assured that we will adjust your token allocation prior to TGE based on the amount of USD you paid. You will see your correct token allocation when the claimer page is up and running (in a few more weeks).

We are about to open the pre-listing for Staking! Locking your tokens prior to TGE entitles you to 10% more token rewards compared to post-TGE. Staking tokens are also limited. Please stay tuned for announcements.

With all that was mentioned above, the TGE is pushed to the last week of June. Do expect more marketing activities coming over the coming weeks!

We are confident that the project is moving in the best possible direction and we are dedicated to bringing its and its early adopters to success!

What can you do as part of the Swords of Blood community and ensure its growth and expansion? BE ACTIVE AND PROACTIVE! Interact on our chats and social media pages! Promote promote promote!


If you have any questions, our friendly chat moderators are always happy to assist you!




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