Swords of Blood: The Diablo of Web3

Swords of Blood
5 min readJul 11, 2022

Is there anyone in the gaming world who’s never heard of Diablo? It’s highly unlikely. With over 10 million copies sold, Diablo took the gaming world by storm by giving birth to its own genre: the hack and slash RPG.

Since Diablo was released way back in ’96, the idea of a game beating Diablo in its own genre has seemed, well, pretty impossible. But in 2022, we may witness the birth of a worthy competitor: Swords of Blood.

Hack and Slash and Crypto

Exploring a deadly fantasy world, fighting beasts and monsters, developing your character, and collecting loot — is there anything more you can expect from an RPG?


Combining all of the above with G.U.T.s (Game Utility Tokens) allows players to experience a new level of engagement, as all progress can be monetized and traded for real money, adding an extra layer to the tried and true RPG formula we all know and love.

Bladebound on Mobile

Classic RPG games have never been ideal candidates for mobile applications. Gamers play RPGs for the immersive experience and mobile games are mostly viewed as a short-term distraction, incapable of sucking you in for extended play.

And yet, in 2018, Bladebound was released, a game that was dubbed “Diablo in your pocket”. Bladebound’s fantastic graphics, engaging story, and fast-paced battles made it an instant success. Bladebound achieved what was pretty much thought impossible at the time: it brought the RPG genre to the mobile platform with stellar results.

A Step into the Future

In 2018, Bladebound achieved something that was, well, revolutionary. But now, the third decade of the twenty-first century bears witness to another revolution in the gaming world and it’s only logical that Bladebound is taking another bold step into the future: the birth of its blockchain counterpart, Swords of Blood.

Swords of Blood will be the first mobile RPG hack and slash game with blockchain integration and supporting G.U.T.’s (Game Utility Tokens) launching in Solana. This new version adds more weapons, skins, and gear, an expanded storyline, and more levels developed by HitBox Games LLC which will not be available in the non-blockchain version of the game, Bladebound. Swords of Blood will truly be a new experience.

The new era of mobile RPG gaming is just around the corner.

Swords of Blood

So, why pay attention to Swords of Blood? Well, Swords of Blood was and is being developed as a full-on AAA title. This means an engaging storyline, hypnotizing music, spectacular special effects, and fantastic graphics. Blockchain and NFTs are seamlessly integrated into this state-of-the-art title, but they are just the cherry on top that makes SoB an even more compelling and rewarding experience.

If that doesn’t perk your ears up, the person responsible for Sword of Blood’s story is renowned Polish writer, Jakub Szamałek, which all but guarantees a gripping, well-told story.

The game allows players to explore dungeons crawling with dangerous, hideously designed creatures and beasts, and killing these monstrosities, of course, earns players loot. When they need a break from dungeon crawling, players can compete in the PvP arena, earning them valuable experience. On top of that, there’s a robust crafting mechanic that lets players create unique items, all the better to slay with.

While exploring the possibilities of crafting different weapons and armor is fun in itself, the NFT integration provides an added thrill by offering real money for in-game items.

In fact, anything can be traded. Gamers can sell their items, characters, and progress — quite the exciting opportunity for devoted players.

The Community

If you feel that Swords of Blood is the game you’ve been waiting for your entire life, there’s even more good news. SoB developers have placed a high value on embracing their community. They are well aware that even the most spectacular game is nothing without a community of enthusiasts, which is especially true for blockchain games.

Although the Swords of Blood premiere is planned for mid-August, you can support it today.

The game’s token is called $SWDTKN. IDO schedules will be posted on our socials, so make sure to join: https://linktr.ee/SwordsofBlood_

Become an Early Investor

Becoming an early investor in a revolutionary title like Swords of Blood is not only about the unique feeling of recognizing the potential of a game that is not yet mainstream (although that does feel pretty great).

Early investors in Swords of Blood can count on much more than just glory and satisfaction. So, what are the other perks and how do you get them?

Those who decide to support Swords of Blood at the early stage of development can count on special offers: beta access to the game, whitelist spot on the Genesis NFT minting, chance to win limited edition GUT weapons, raffle entry to exclusive Sword of Blood collectible designed and forged by Forged in Fire’s champion Ben Abbott, and more!

Becoming an early investor allows users to actively participate in the development process as the feedback from the beta version is crucial for the final product.

Save the Kingdom of Ezura

Violence, betrayal, and cunning evil brought about the brutal fall that shattered the World of Ezura. The Dragon Betrayer, a being of immense power and unrelenting greed has done the unthinkable; the Bladebound Order, the last hope of man has been destroyed. Shadow has spread across the realm of men.

For a thousand years, darkness has reigned as the Betrayer’s armies have covered the land, completely unchecked, slaughtering with abandon. It is a time of desperation, despair, and death.

But from the ruins, a chance for salvation arises; you are the last of the Bladebound, the only warrior left of the once-mighty order. An ancient goddess known as the Sentinel has used her powerful magic to bring you to this broken world, one you no longer recognize. Your friends dead, your brothers lost and your land in chaos, you will once again pick up your sword. The battle may have been lost, but your war is not over.



Swords of Blood

Boasting flashy combat, stellar graphics, and a variety of game modes, Swords of Blood is the first AAA-quality RPG in the blockchain, launching in Polygon!