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Swords of Blood
4 min readAug 9, 2022


Swords of Blood, the first hack and slash RPG mobile game with blockchain integration and utility token support, is finally releasing information on its long-awaited $SWDTKN tokenomics.

To avoid problems associated with P2E economies, we’re challenging the status quo by reinventing Play-to-Earn with a more sustainable Play-to-Own (P2O) concept where players are not only rewarded with in-game currency and items through play but also enjoy value through fun.

Beyond purchasing and upgrading items, players will always have a wide range of options, allowing the community to counteract inflation through different possible uses of their assets. Here, the value of $SWDTKN will flourish because players will invest in Swords of Blood’s immersive gameplay rather than focusing on earning a quick buck.

As the origins of our game are unique — so are the utility and token mechanics for the $SWDTKN token.


Every fee, fine, reward, or other payment on our ecosystem will be paid in $SWDTKN, our native in-game currency.

Players must purchase $SWDTKN tokens to get past a certain hero level, advance using in-game gold (for crafting gear) and in-game gems (to access exclusive content), and acquire season battle passes or enter PVP tournaments.

Token use-cases

Because items in the game are automatically generated as game utility tokens, players must pay in $SWDTKN to trade commodities, characters, skins, battle passes, etc., in our marketplace. The token is also purposeful for leveling up, accessing tournaments, and season ranks.

How can I find $SWDTKN?

You can purchase or earn $SWDTKN in two ways: by trading on a centralized or decentralized exchange or by participating in tournaments and PVP seasons: let’s focus on the latter for now.

Participate in tournaments to earn $SWDTKN tokens

NOTE: This route of earning $SWDTKN is strictly in line with your skillset and does not depend on the time spent playing the game.

Swords of Blood is a Free-To-Play game that doesn’t need P2E elements to succeed (although it has one) — here, late-game content must be unlocked by spending $SWDTKN.

Players must participate in various PVP matches and win particular tournaments to secure tokens. Any player ranked #10 and up on the ladder for each season will receive $SWDTKN from the prize pool, which represents 15% of the tokens, intended to reward community members and top-performing players.

Through a profit-sharing method, the platform will rebate 10% of game tournament/PVP season rank rewards back to in-game players.


Our ecosystem is expected to thrive thanks to $SWDTKN’s distribution scheme, which rewards active members of the community and token holders and encourages participation through community events and collaborative development practices.

Distribution at-a-glance

In terms of supply, the total supply will be capped at 1 billion tokens and distributed via different tranches, i.e., 11.5% of the total supply will go towards the seed round and public IDOs, with 10-month linear vesting periods.

20% of the tokens will be distributed equally between staking and the in-game rewards system, 34.5% will be allocated for development, i.e., fund projects and future initiatives, whereas 20% (200,000,000) will be purposed towards community and marketing.

Finally, 14% of the funds will be set aside to incentivize our team and investors. So we’re awarding 75% of the total token supply to the community — a rarity in the gaming industry.

Remember that 35% of the money spent playing the game will buy back $SWDTKN or the $SWDTKN’s are burned. However, the deflationary nature of the token means it can maintain its value over time, further enduring and supporting widespread adoption. This aspect is fundamental for guaranteeing user experiences and preserving token accessibility.

Token Vesting Periods

We have established one or two methods for token releases to ensure healthy and sustainable growth.

For instance, looking at the ‘Team and Advisors’ tranche:

● 0% unlocked at TGE

● Twelve months for the team and nine months for the advisors

● 24-month linear vesting period

Because of the cliff option, the team and advisors must wait for some time before the token release begins. However, to avoid any adverse market impact resulting from having an ample supply of tokens being unlocked at a single point, the remaining team and advisor tokens will gradually become accessible after 24 months.

To check the details of the vesting periods for each tranche, please visit this page.

We’ve created a passionate fanbase by consistently delivering more than we promise.

Participating in Swords of Blood is more than creating unique experiences for yourself; it’s about being an early investor in a mobile RPG revolution.



Swords of Blood

Boasting flashy combat, stellar graphics, and a variety of game modes, Swords of Blood is the first AAA-quality RPG in the blockchain, launching in Polygon!