Swords of Blood’s First NFT Loot Box Sale — HAPPENING NOW!

Swords of Blood
3 min readFeb 1, 2023

The time is here! Time to participate in the Legendary Lootbox Sale. Below you will find instructions on how to participate. Before you get started, make sure you have some MATIC tokens to pay for the small gas fees and also Polygon USDT to make the purchases. If you don’t have USDT yet, you can swap for it easily at QuickSwap.

Here are the waves of eligibility to participate:

  1. First Hour: If you hold an Early Adopter SBT you get access to the first hour and every hour after that. Make sure you have connected your wallet that holds the SBT to get access.
  2. Second Hour: If you attempted to participate in the Early Adopter SBT mint, then make sure you connect with the wallet that you participated with. You have access from the second hour on.
  3. Third Hour: If you joined the whitelist, make sure you connect with the wallet you used to join the whitelist.

If you are connected and eligible, you will now see three loot boxes with forms for each:

When you want to buy an amount of one of the loot box types, enter the number of loot boxes into the form and click on the Approve button. This will create a transaction to approve your USDT for spending. You will need to confirm this transaction. In case, any transaction you make is slow or fails, it is due to spikes in demand on the Polygon network. Use the MetaMask prompt to change your gas settings to a higher priority amount.

Having successfully approved the transaction, you now click on the Purchase button and confirm the transaction to complete the purchase. When you have completed the purchase, you will now see your Boxes in the section below the purchase forms. You may repeat as many different purchases as you like on the different box sizes.

Now that you have your boxes, you can choose to hold them, trade them or open them to get the NFTs inside! If you want to open the box, click on the box and click on the Open Button.

You will first need to Pre-Open the box — this sets the randomization in place. Next, you click on the Open button — this mints you your NFTs!

You can then view your NFTs below your boxes.



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