Swords of Blood’s NFT Loot Box Sale — 70% off of regular price! Be the first to own weapons, armor, artifacts, and more!

Swords of Blood
4 min readJan 30, 2023


Following the successful Early Adopters NFT drop, which sold out in under an hour, in partnership with idexo, Swords of Blood is about to host its first LOOT BOX SALE! Get first dibs on Legendary 0 and Legendary 1 armor, weapons, back gears, artifacts, and Sentinel, gems, and gold for less than the regular price! All the inclusions are in-game items that can be used when we launch the game in March.

ONLY 5000 BOXES ARE UP FOR GRABS: 2500 Basic Epic Boxes, 1500 Medium Legendary Boxes, and 1000 Big Legendary Boxes! All items are tradeable NFTs that can be bought and sold through our upcoming NFT Marketplace.

The loot box sale will launch on 1st February at 3 pm UTC. You can purchase the boxes with USDT in Polygon.

💰 $35.00 contains:
- 5 Legendary0 items
- 2 Legendary1 items
- 600 gold
- 250 gems

💰 $45.00 contains:
- 8 Legendary0 items
- 3 Legendary1 items
- 1000 gold
- 350 gems

💰 $60.00 contains:
- 10 Legendary0 items
- 5 Legendary1 items
- 1500 gold
- 600 gems

There are 15 different items that you can collect in this sale. In this sale, you can get Legendary 0 and Legendary 1 items randomly.

Legendary items have 4 blessing levels starting with level 0. You can level up items by merging them with other items or materials, then perform what we call blessing. Blessing to Legendary 1 happens when your item reaches level 50, progressively with the next blessing levels, and finally, blessing Legendary 4 is level 90.

ARMOR: Phoenix Armor, Ice Walker, Mantis Plates
WEAPONS: War Axe, Executioner’s Friend, Iron Fury
SENTINEL: Raven’s Omen, Dragon’s Breath, Fiend-in-a-Box
BACK GEARS: Shield of the Desert, Twisting Sigil, Prayer Drum
ARTIFACTS: Raven’s Prey, Frost Fans, Cursed Vial

Holders of the Early Adopters NFT have the leverage on this sale with an exclusive sale at the first hour. Those who joined our Early Adopters NFT process but are not able to mint one are automatically whitelisted for the second hour of the sale.

The link to the Loot Box Sale will be announced through our community chats and socials so make sure to join:

Telegram: https://t.me/SwordsofBlood_game
Discord: https://discord.gg/swordsofblood
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwordsofBlood_

Swords of Blood is the first AAA, hack-and-slash MMORPG in the blockchain, launching in Polygon.



Swords of Blood

Boasting flashy combat, stellar graphics, and a variety of game modes, Swords of Blood is the first AAA-quality RPG in the blockchain, launching in Polygon!