Swords of Blood: Epic AAA Quality Mobile Game

Swords of Blood
4 min readAug 2, 2022


Stigmas exist against hack-and-slash RPGs, positioning them as niche and narrowly appealing. However, hack-and-slash RPGs allow players to be heroic figures in their own stories and explore fantastical worlds full of danger and excitement. They also let players pit their wits against one another in contests of quick thinking, outwitting opponents, and outmaneuvering them.

Slashing through hordes of enemies with little thought or strategy may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s no less than that either — there’s a lot of room for this gaming genre in the industry. Because of their accessibility and replay value, we’re seeing more action RPGs being released yearly.

Swords of Blood: An Overview

This is the first blockchain-based RPG with hack-and-slash gameplay and support for Game Utility Tokens (aka NFTs) to debut on Solana.

Swords of Blood is an ambitious immersive action RPG with an incredible gameplay hook that improves the more you master the basics.

According to the team, the game emphasizes user empowerment by combining the best of the slasher genre with blockchain technology — to provide gamers with new possibilities.

Game utility tokens, for instance, can grant players progression and real-money items, adding more functionality and appeal to gamers who want to enhance their game experiences with their creations.



The game is set in the World of Ezura, a once flourishing fictional world ravaged by the evil Dragon Betrayer, a supernatural being with immeasurable power and equal greed.

For a thousand years, Betrayer’s armies have roamed the land, creating chaos, acting with complete impunity, and slaughtering without mercy — with glumness and despondency engulfing the entire realm. There seems to be no hope for survival from the desolation.

Until Sentinel, a goddess from ancient times, revives you, the protagonist, as the only remnant of the Bladebound Order, the last hope of humankind sent to salvage what’s left of eternity.


Players rove through barren desert battlefields and dense jungles overlaid with ancient architectural structures from a top-down perspective on a journey to vengeance.

Armed with a sword, the protagonist comes upon several perilous dungeons — all infested by monstrous, fiendishly designed creatures and beasts. Options are available to upgrade your character and obtain better loot to battle and slash through these enemies in dynamic gesture-controlled combat methods.

Bringing down a weapon to deliver the killing blow, or blasting enemies with skills that rip through the flesh from their bones, though, results in tremendous gratification.

However, aside from the hard-hitting, fast-paced style of Swords of Blood’s combat sequences, the eruption of gold and treasure into the air, once an enemy is defeated, is enough to induce a rush of adrenalin.

Besides a well-thought-out character progression system, Swords of Blood’s competent level design rewards exploration of its extensive environments in several ways — including plenty of gear crafting options, making progression even more satisfying.

And since NFTs are integrated, anyone can earn real money by selling in-game items. Players can also trade these items to advance themselves or their characters.

Why Swords of Blood Deserves Excitement

AAA standards

To enjoy Swords of Blood, players must learn to switch between combo options and a pleasing rhythm of battles. The coordinated PVP and PVE battles are dynamic and straightforward to adjust to, and even the slow periods are worthwhile to take a break from the usual chaos. Swords of Blood demonstrates how to expand the action genre with aesthetics and substance with a natural mixture of strategy, excellent combat, impressive exploration, clever puzzles, and solid progression mechanics.

NFT Incentivization

Swords of Blood considers the platform a structure for modding games, providing players with the option to monetize their engagement by awarding NFTs monetary value. Players can purchase weapons, armor, and other goods and sell them to other players.

NFT integration increases excitement by allowing players to earn real-world value for in-game items. For instance, anyone supporting Swords of Blood early can expect special offers: beta access to games, a whitelist spot on the Genesis NFT minting, and the opportunity to earn a limited-edition GUT weapon minted by Forged in Fire’s champion Ben Abbott, plus more!


Gaming projects depend on their community’s strength and interconnectedness to flourish. Swords of Blood operates on democratic principles, guaranteeing everyone has a say in how the project is developed, operated, and governed.

Besides utilizing NFTs and in-game rewards to empower players and keep them engaged — Swords of Blood has established that asset holders can review and assess certain aspects and features in the Beta programs before they are publicly available.

An upgrade from Bladebound and a step up for RPGs

This game, developed by industry veterans at Hitbox Games and loaded with a creative story by Jakub Szamałek, principal writer for projects like The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 — will be a game-changer.

Swords of Blood represents a new direction for P2E and P2O (Play-to-Own) games and a robust ecosystem to benefit blockchain gamers and the entire industry.



Swords of Blood

Boasting flashy combat, stellar graphics, and a variety of game modes, Swords of Blood is the first AAA-quality RPG in the blockchain, launching in Polygon!